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Build a diversified long-term portfolio
of digital assets in a single click

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Curated Portfolio

NeoFi is designed to give you instant access to pre-built portfolios modeled after some of the most popular crypto indexes, hedge funds, and trends.

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Auto Rebalancing

NeoFi is designed to track a theme, idea or strategy. If an asset deviates from the theme, idea or startegy, your portfolio automatically rebalances accordingly.

Fiat Compatiblity

Use fiat to build a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio in supported countries instantly with no extra cost.

Your Very Own
Crypto Baskets

Baskets are portfolios of cryptos, weighted intelligently to track a theme, strategy or objective

Simple To Understand

Baskets are modern investing products based on simple and easy to understand ideas.

Created By Experts

Baskets are created by leading experts, influencers, VCs & backed by solid research.


Sample Baskets


Or Earn Passive Income
By Staking Unused Assets

Compound your crypto assets by earning high yield from your unused crypto assets

Manage Your Assets

Stake, Farm and compound your assets by lending and staking assets across multiple vetted protocols

All For Free

Stake and Unstake your assets anytime and without paying any of those high gas fee.

Calculate Your Earnings

Calculate your passive income through some of the best DeFi protcols in NeoFi.

Not Holding $NEOFI
Holding $NEOFI
You Make


$NEOFI Token

The Native Token of NeoFi Ecosystem

Increased APY

Earn extra 10%-20% interest on your staked assets when holding $NEOFI tokens.

Fee Reduction

Save as much as 35% of fees when swapping when paying them by $NEOFI tokens.

Quarterly Burns

The overall supply of $NEOFI is reduced every quarter through quarerly burns.


Stay focused on your investment.
Let NeoFi handle everything else.

NeoFi features a robust security framework, 24/7 support and insurance against hacks and rug pulls. So you can invest through NeoFi easily and with a peace of mind.









What are NeoFi Baskets?

Baskets are modern investment products that help you build a low-cost, long-term & diversified portfolio easily. Created by professionals, each basket is a ready-made portfolio of cryptos that reflects a theme, strategy or objective


What is Rebalancing?

Rebalancing is the process of reviewing the underlying crypto of a Basket to ensure that it continues to reflect the underlying original idea. It takes into account fundamental factors, token updates, etc. to objectively narrow down on the right crypto & their weightage. Rebalancing is done by the research team/creator of the Basket.


Who manages the baskets?

Baskets are created & managed by expert professionals who eat, sleep & breathe the crypto market. Depending on the type of basket it can be managed by NeoFi or third parties(Hedge funds, Influencers, successful traders etc ). The constituents in every basket pass stringent proprietary filters so that you don’t have to worry about making individual choices.


Can I create my own Basket?

Yes, if you have a list of (up to 20) crypto that you like or have been recommended by a trusted source, you can also create your own basket. You can also save it as a draft to track its performance before investing. You can also monetize that basket by allowing other people to invest.


How does NeoFi track the basket?

When you buy a basket, an index value of 100 is assigned to it. Say, after a year, your index value is 161 - meaning your basket has returned 61%. With the index value,you don’t have to track crypto individually. There are other performance metrics available at the portfolio level to give you more detailed insights.


Can I try the baskets before investing?

You can track the performance & risk of a basket before investing by adding it to your watchlist. Similarly, when you create a Basket, you can save them as drafts before investing to track how they perform. You can always edit your drafts.


Can I see my past performance?

All orders placed for basket in the individual batches (buy, invest more, manage, rebalance, exit) can be found on the Orders Dashboard. If you expand a batch, you can see the quantities & prices of individual crypto


What is $NEOFI Token?

$NEOFI is the native token of NeoFi ecosystem. Holding $NEOFI gives you access to NeoFi Governance, Protocol Rewards, Fee Discounts and access to future opportunities.

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